Meet Adam Pham

Adam Pham is the Ontario PC Party candidate in Parkdale-High Park.

Born in Vietnam, Adam Pham and his wife came to Canada 17 years ago.  They settled in a basement apartment in Jane & Finch near Firgrove Park. 

After his first week in Canada, Adam purchased a bicycle at a local garage sale because it was cheaper than the TTC.  As Adam tells the story, he offered the vendor $10. The vendor felt compassion and gave him back $5 because the bike was in such poor condition.

After studying English as a second* language, Adam secured part-time jobs teaching with the TDSB & the Peel District School Board. (*English is really his 3rd language.)

Like many immigrants, Adam was armed with a Ph.D but was considered over-qualified for most jobs. In need of a better way to feed his growing family, Adam registered for the Ontario Real Estate Association courses and passed with flying colours.

In March of that year, Adam set out by bicycle in search of  a real estate job.  He would park 100 metres away from each interview.  Then he would rub his hands together rapidly, to warm them up, so that when he shook hands with the interviewer they would not know his main form of transportation was a bicycle.

After landing a job, Adam sold his first three homes while riding on that one bicycle.  That bicycle is now with another family to give them the same chance at a better life.

Adam knows and understands the challenges that many in our community face.  Adam wants to protect and enhance services that give people real opportunity at a better life.  As an educator, businessman, and parent he wants to bring change that works in our community. As part of the Ontario PC team, Adam will work o make life more affordable and look to help mall businesses succeed.

Adam Pham started life in Canada riding a bicycle. Now he is running as your Ontario PC Party Candidate in Parkdale-High Park.